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Why Buy a Bespoke Kitchen?

As leading Barnsley kitchen fitters, we work with local people right across South Yorkshire to fit kitchens that work best for their lifestyles, and suit the day-to-day needs of their families. At the outset of a project, people sometimes ask us what the benefits of a bespoke kitchen are, or why they should buy a bespoke kitchen instead of following the off-the-shelf route. This short article answers those questions.

The Advantages of a Bespoke Kitchen

Every home has a kitchen – in fact, the kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It’s also a room that can be costly to renovate, after all, kitchen renovations involve more than just a fresh lick of paint. For these reasons, when you upgrade your kitchen, it’s important that you make the best choice.

Bespoke kitchens offer a number of advantages over off-the-shelf units, here are 2 of the main ones:

More Choice

When you buy a kitchen from a ‘big box’ retailer (we won’t mention any names!), your choice is tightly limited by the fashions of the day. The big retailers are primarily interested in profit, and stock their showrooms with the kitchens they anticipate selling the best – that works fine if your tastes are exactly in line with the latest trends, but if you prefer a style that’s not currently in demand, then you could face an uphill struggle to find a suitable kitchen.

And choosing the right style of kitchen is important. As an example, high-gloss kitchens are elegant and in vogue, but if you live in a period cottage near Barnsley, a farmhouse kitchen may suit the style of your property better. By buying a bespoke kitchen, you can take back control, and have a far greater say in the design stage of the project.

Bespoke Kitchens Fit Better

By working with a Barnsley kitchen fitter that manufactures bespoke units in house, you can choose a kitchen that compliments not only the style, but also the size and shape of your home. Rather than simply being constrained by standard-size units, you can enjoy complete control, and order a bespoke kitchen that’s been purpose built to fit the room it will occupy.

This is a big plus in any size, shape, age or style of property, but the benefits are really felt if your home is small, or if the layout of your kitchen is awkward. Many kitchens in Barnsley are small or irregular in shape – the local housing stock is varied, but the high number of terraced cottages in the town itself, and the many traditional farmhouses in the outlying countryside mean that it’s common to find Barnsley kitchens that feature old chimney breasts, uneven walls and a range of other irregularities that can make fitting a kitchen challenging.

Buying a bespoke kitchen for your Barnsley home solves this issue – since everything can be made to measure, and carefully cut to size, ensuring that every inch of the available space is utilised to the best advantage.

Barnsley’s Bespoke Kitchen Fitters

There are a number of advantages to bespoke kitchens, and the price could be much cheaper than you’d imagine. Why not contact our team to discuss your project – we can book a visit to measure things up, and create a quote for your Barnsley kitchen renovation.

Bespoke Kitchens Supplied and Fitted In Barnsley
Bespoke Kitchens Supplied and Fitted In Barnsley
Bespoke Kitchens Supplied and Fitted In Barnsley